A personal message to all members of the Jervis Bay and Basin Arts Association.

I trust you are now, and will continue to be, safe and sound wherever you are.

I feel compelled today to say something as I bear witness to the time-place we are in, but what can be said? What came to mind this morning as I sat with this question is the nature of human creativity. To me/for me creativity is far more than a means of artistic production. Creativity as a state of mind/body is a fundamental way of being in, responding to, and dancing with the world – whatever the dance may be that the world invites us to willingly embrace, or insists we adopt.

I invite you to take a moment to absorb the photos of the recent healing corroboree at Mount Gulaga (via link below); imagine how being present at that time and place may have felt, and consider the intention of your own cultural practices as we move into 2020 and the decade ahead. 

May wisdom of the thoughtful foot be with you. 🙏 

Natalie McDonagh

President JBBArts


PHOTO Rachel Mounsey / The Guardian
08 December 2019 / Dancers return to Minga Gulaga.…/a-healing-corroboree-at…Manage

A healing corroboree at the foothills of Mount Gulaga, on Yuin country – in pictures