Wayne Pryor, the JBBArts president, opens the event.

Jenny Robertson, the vice president of JBBArts, is thanked for her sponsorship support.

Kon Gouriotis, the judge, expresses how impressed he is by the high quality of the exhibits.

Amanda Findley, the Shoalhaven mayor, feels that it is very important to encourage local artists.

Amanda Findley believes that the exhibition stands out for its great diversity. She suggests that more than one visit to the exhibition is merited.

Wayne Pryor thanks Ian Strathie for his great contribution to the sponsorship.

The Master of Ceremonies, Bridget McLeod, addresses a very enthusiastic audience.

The opening was marked by a good attendance.

The crowd waits in anticipation for the announcement of the winners.

Barbara Dawson stands behind her artworks – “Landmarks.”

Leslie Lockwood is amused by the delightful exhibit “Pregnant and Paranoid” by artist – Emily Fitzsimmons.

Anna Evert admires “Currambene Creek, Jervis Bay” by local artist David Rees.

The winner of the Open Winner prize, Margie Carew-Reid, stands in front of her artwork “Central Desert.”

A fascinating multimedia work by artist – Amanda Skyes Smyth.

Wayne Pryor congratulates Meaghan Potter who won the Emerging Artist prize for the artwork – “The Lines Between Recognizing (Red Brown finch).”

Meaghan Potter with Margaret Millard

Our judge, Kon Gouriotis, with artist Lavinia Zammit next to her Highly Commended “Kiama Rock Pool.”

Denise Stevens and Wayne Pryor look at the winning artwork for the JBBarts members prize “Razed on Australia : Little Tern” by Robert Hollingsworth.

Natalie McDonagh stands in front of the Open Prize Winner “Central Desert” by Margie Carew-Reid.