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Vanessa Barbay

Raised in Vincentia, Yuin country, where my parents Maree and Tibor Barbay still live, I descend from local pioneers Gloria and Keith Sheehy. I have recently completed a PhD in painting at the Australian National University in Canberra focusing on rock paintings in Western Arnhem Land and my practice-led research involved the creation of animal shrouds through decomposition printing and the use of plant dyes and mineral earth pigments. I am currently a visiting artist fellow at the ANU interested in cross-cultural collaboration between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal artists due to my appreciation of the cultural learning I have experienced among Yuin, Wiradjuri and Kunwinjku friends, artists and storytellers. My work and research can be viewed on my blog

I have been a practicing artist for 17 years, living for a long time in Wiradjuri country in the west of the state where I completed my visual art degree in 1993, undertook murals and exhibitions, and taught art theory and practice. I joined the Jervis Bay and Basin Arts group for the opportunity to share my creative practice with my familial community.

Geoff Barlow

Geoff Barlow has been an artist for nine years, mainly working in acrylic, with the occasional work in oils.

Living in Huskisson, and a member of Jervis Bay and Basin Arts, Geoff’s main exhibitions have been at the Sea Change Festival and the JB&B Arts exhibitions at the Lady Denman Complex.


Simon Barton

Simon lives at Bendalong on a 40 hectare property  with  an 8 hectare garden which he and his partner have established over the past 15 years. The garden is open to the public through the Australian Open Garden Scheme. The garden is the inspiration for Simon’s art work which ranges from welded sculpture, bold acrylic canvases and detailed watercolour compositions.  The acrylic paintings are full of colour and movement achieved by using spots of colour on a large surface. His water colour compositions are detailed studies of fallen eucalypt leaves that show the structure and incredible range of colour and as they decay. Recently Simon has been exploring the textures and formations of forest and beaches of the local environment.

Over the past 3 years Simon constructed several large scale sculptures again focusing on the organic structures and textures using found materials. Simon won first prize in 2011 and 2012 at the Milton’s ARTFest Sculpture competition.

Simon has had small exhibitions in Sydney, Fitzroy Falls and Milton

His work is exhibited each Easter when his garden is to the public.

Simon undertakes commissions and his work is on exhibition at Huskisson Art and Framing Gallery. He can be contacted

Graham Brennan

Graham has been making art on the South Coast for many years and is heavily involved in the local art scene. Recently turning 60 Graham prefers to sculpt or make installations from interesting recycled materials. Graham’s skills as a Carpenter and jack of all trades allows him to turn something useless into a work of art. Combining his painting with an intuitive mind he creates lights that can change the atmosphere and ambience of a room.  Much of his work is inspired by major events and the special people in his life each work having it’s own story to tell.

Pat Campion

Pat has been signwriting and creating original paintings for the past 32 years. Her works are easily recognisable for their vibrant colours and individual style. The natural beauty f Jervis Bay provides an endless source of inspiration whether it be seascapes or nature and exotic flowers – the frangipani being the most sought after. Pat likes to work with acrylics on canvas(no need for framing) usually on a larger than life scale. Commissions are always welcome and Pat will help you with sizes and backgrounds colours etc. Ph: 44415414 email:

Alison Chiam

I use my art as my medium to capture fleeting imaginary experience that cannot be conveyed in conversation.  I love colour and shapes synergising to create an unusual energy emanating from what seems to be ordinary objects.  I use colour expressively and push boundaries of realism to create an often-surrealistic landscape, which reverberates passion, warmth, humour and innocence. I hope to allow my viewer to experience the ordinary events of life from an unexpected and extraordinary perspective.  My goal is to let the viewer see the world a little differently, a world where the ordinary is never dull.  I am inspired by shape, form and rhythm of a composition combined with fleeting imaginary experiences.  My subjects are from my life experiences, my journeys and observations in Jervis Bay, my travels around the world and of course my imagination.


Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 3.35.36 pm Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 3.35.47 pm

Barbara Dawson moved to the Jervis Bay area from Canberra.  She gained her Visual Art Degree at the Canberra School of Art, ANU as a mature-age student and went on to study a Graduate Diploma and Master of Education. She spent twenty years in Canberra Schools teaching Visual Art, Media Studies and Photo Media.

Barbara has exhibited her art in selected, group and solo exhibitions since 1998. Her mediums have been varied: from textiles to basketry to copper wire sculpture and from artists’ books to drawing and printmaking. Her small copper wire sculptures were exhibited at the International Biennial of Contemporary Textile Art, Mexico in 2011.

In 2013 she became interested in eco dyeing and contact plant printing and in 2014 exhibited this work at Strathnairn Gallery and the Belconnen Arts Centre in Canberra..  This work begins with native plant contact prints and eco dying on fabric and paper. This is then embellished with drawings, ink markings and coloured graphite. She has been exploring the connection between place and the environment in her Art for some time and this work continues with this theme.


Robert Duff

Robert has been living, working and experiencing life around Jervis Bay for the past 27yrs. With his interest in surfing and exploring the South Coast’s beautiful beaches, Robert has been fascinated with photographing the Bays natural landscapes. His earlier works have included individually designed timber furniture and lighting, which has been exhibited in pervious See Change events. Robert is excited to be a part of an exhibition with lifelong friends, with a common passion for the ocean and its surrounds.

Anne Gardner

Anne Gardner

Anne lives in the beautiful Shoalhaven, where she finds the inspiration for her landscapes and seascapes, with beaches, farmlands, mountains, valleys and bush all within easy reach. Her main influences for my landscapes have been the artists of the Heidelberg School, the artist, Hans Heysen, and a contemporary landscape artist from the Blue Mountains, John Wilson. Her paintings are realistic in style, especially the landscapes, but border on impressionistic. She varies her work and likes to experiment using different painting techniques and she loves the use of colour.

She also paints portraits, seascapes and some abstracts. Her main medium is acrylic, but she has recently expanded into using watercolour and inks. Her series of watercolour and ink paintings called “Emusing” features emus with various expressions, each inspired by a line from a famous movie. She has also painted a few of our native birds and animals using the same technique and limited colour palette.

She is becoming more active in the local art scene and is planning to hold more exhibitions in late 2014 and early 2015. She has sold work in art shows in the local area, and has also sold internationally to New Zealand, the US and Great Britain.

She has a page on Facebook She also sells her work online through Fine art America

Bend in the river - Acrylic on canvas - 75cm x 60cm - $550


Mary Jeffrey

My name is Mary Jeffrey I started painting late in life after raising a family of five and.moving to the Shoalhaven district in 1984 I had the priveledge of meeting Rona Walker andstarted painting with her group mainly around the Shoalhaven and Coastal Villages area.However I lost a lot of time for numerous reasons during that period.I now attend Peter Stathers group painting in watercolours only which I enjoy and hope to continue doing so for a many years to come.

Suzi Krawczyk

I have been a visual artist for many years. I studied at theNationalArtSchooland what is now COFA. I have a studio in Budgong near Nowra.

I have exhibited in many group shows notably at the annual six artist exhibition at Cambewarra Hall, Squid Gallery, Nowra, Project Contemporary Artspace, Wollongong.  Currently working on an exhibition with the ‘Bouquet of Cactus’ group at the Shoalhaven Arts Centre Jan-Feb 2014.

My subject matter comes from my fascination with science, the love affair humans have had with it and the problems we have caused.  I use images of insects, organs, bacteria, cephalopods and galaxies to explore the contradictions of scale, and the similarities and interconnectedness of all things. I like to share my wonder at the beauty of the natural world, not usually visible to the human eye. Pattern and colour are a very important in my work, including the shadows the work creates on the wall.

My work always has a third dimension.  I use wood, wire, knitting needles, collage, paper and paint to make object that have attachments, both real and metaphoric. I like the implied movement and relationships that are created by connecting various images and objects.

Kellie Hooper

I have studied photography over the years in bits and pieces, took a unit during my first year of university when I was supposed to be studying science and later travelling to Tafe on a Thursday night after work to head to the dark room. I’ve always loved black & white photography and the work of Max Dupain and Elliott Erwitt. I’ve photographed weddings and was employed as assistant photographer on a professional magazine shoot many years ago when I still hadn’t decided on which path I would take. I chose to go with science, to engage my passion for our natural environment. I completed my degree in Marine Science in 2005 and took a job with the Bureau of Meteorology watching the weather. After moving around Australia for a few years with my partner, artist Clayton Campion, we found our way home to the loving arms of Jervis Bay. We now have a baby boy to share the wonders of the ocean with. This exhibition is a wonderful opportunity to deeper explore the theme of ocean artography and to connect and create with great friends.

Patricia Howell

Patricia Howell is an artist who lives in beautiful and tranquil Berry, a small quiet country town of great beauty. A town of trees with a backdrop of a blue escarpment. lt is here where she finds a constant source of inspiration for her paintings. Before rnarriage, she trained and worked as a mechanical and architectural draftswoman. Painting was always a sublimated passion which needed to be put aside after family and work. Her passion for painting has drawn her along many avenues and involved her in many art societies. Patricia is an exhibiting member of the Royal Art Society of Sydney and the Australian society of miniature art . Other societies are Batemans Bay Art Society, Shoalhaven and Milton Art Society. Patricia is an  innovative watercolourist, mixed media artist and Miniturist artist.

After finishing a four year art course at Gymea T.A.F.E. college of art she was awarded the college medal for painting. She has received over 80 major awards including first prize at the Sydney Royal Easter show. Her works are represented in many private and civic collections such as the Shoalhaven Campbelltown and Crookwell City Council collections. Her work has been featured in the Australian Artist Magazine and was chosen along with 140 artists from many countries world wide to exhibit in the lnternational Miniature Exhibition in Quebec Canada in 1994. She has illustrated two children’s books written by Petrea King.


Patricia’s latest works are large mixed media paintings on canvas. Her philosophy is based on her desire to live in harmony with nature and her choice of subjects range from flowers with translucent petals or light soaked glimpses of nature. Patricia has synthesised a style of work which evokes a luminous transparency using the play of light on jewel like colours. Her love of colour is evident in her explosive use of a palette of varied colours.


web site

Marg McHugh

Marg McHugh has studied visual art making in Nowra since 2006. Her first solo exhibition was in 2010. Texture and colour quickly emerged as the art elements suited to the expression she wishes to give her art works. “I like the way these elements relate and the movement they give to a 2- dimensional surface”. Her love affair with paper is longstanding. Influenced by the art philosophy of Elizabeth Grosz, Marg believes that the experience of all the arts – their sight, soundo touch, taste, smell – is embeddedin the body, and from this arisest he possibility of new sensations which have the capacrty to create new futures – both individual and social.

Marg’s art is on display at Artscape 481.

Contact: mob. 04591 53620

Helen Nugent

Helen Nugent has always been interested in exploring how emotional and spiritual states can be expressed through representations of the human figure. These can be quietly reflective, erotic, whimsical or very dramatic and physical. She casts about her immediate environment, including the worlds of imagination and travel for subject matter of resonance.

“Helen’s work often evokes an imaginative world that is at once domestic and familiar, yet can also be exotic and otherworldly. …. devotion to drawing the figure is both the core of her art and a liberating tool that allows her an enormous expressive freedom.”  (Dr. Michael Beare in his opening speech to Helen’s exhibition “Three Graces”).

Diana Prowse

Having spent many years working as an architect, I returned as a very mature age student to study Fine Art (majoring in sculpture)  at The National Art School in Darlinghurst.

I have recently moved into the Shoalhaven area and am currently undertaking a Grad Diploma In Education ( Secondary Visual Arts ) so I can get involved in teaching and taking workshops in art and design.

In my art practice I try to challenge the premise of traditional sculptural elements being about solid, mass form with weight and presence inhabiting the viewers space.

The clear and translucent plastics I use, allow me to create seemingly ephemeral solid forms that draw attention to their edges as lines tracing through space. The soft, organic, fluid shapes are intended to imply movement, they are surfaces catching and floating through the surrounding space and belie the cold, hard edged, modern, plastic sheet material they originated from.

The more I experiment the more  exciting possibilities this material reveals to me.  In a totally divergent theme I also enjoy figurative clay and wax modeling for bronze casting, particularly portraiture.

Diana Prowse   0414 931 018

Wayne Pryor

Doodling with intent  or experimenting with colour and the Jervis Bay landscape, Wayne enjoys expressing himself through sketching, painting and woodcarving.

His interests in the outdoors and a strong connection with water and the marine environment have inspired much of his work. He manages to squeeze time for his art in with a busy family life.

Normally into black and white sketches rendered very quickly, he has recently been experimenting with watercolours which has slowed his approach and created a more contemplative style.

Marcos Roa

Local resident Marcos Roa is a member of SoalhavenA rt Society, Shoalhaven  Potters.  The Millhouse Artists Inc and Jervis Bay & Basin Arts Inc.

Early in life he acquired a solid knowledge in History and Visual Art at the Institute of Art and Trade, Santiago, Chile, his native country. In Australia he studied at the (SAEC) Southern Adult Education College Inc. in Nowra to continue his study in different forms of art. To gain more knowledge the next stage was to study visual arts, ceramics and sculpture at Nowra TAFE.

As an active member of the above  institutions he has participated in exhibitions with these organisations as well as in the combined Creative Moments Exhibition for many years. He has also had two solo exhibitions at Shoalhaven City Arts Centre (2007 and 2009) and has exhibited at the See Change Festival, Arts in the Valley and the Berry and Nowra Shows.

Phone: 44214675

Email ;

Scott Sheehan

I find that I enjoy the journey in the middle more than the beginning or the end as the process of creating visual art is where the mind is ticking over, searching and scanning your most inner thoughts to find the one new vision of what only you can see from your point of view. Mixing paint and images into a mixed media is what I like with my art. Growing up around Jervis Bay the ocean and the water is on my mind daily and I have a strong connection the natural environment. Exhibiting a diverse range of works, from graphic design, enhanced photography, painting mixed media to video. Expressing your ideas, feelings and emotions by way of creating something out of just a simple thought or a dream and to bring it to life is a powerful gift to have. When life an art becomes one.