Our not-for-profit community association – run entirely by dedicated volunteers – has been cultivating cultural arts in our region for more than 20 years. Jervis Bay and Basin Arts welcomes members from all fields of creative and performing arts. We also welcome people who are general supporters of the arts who believe in the value and importance of the arts to enrich the culture, vibrancy and well-being of communities.

Creativity and resilience win out again!  SeeChange  2020 Jervis Bay Arts Festival is now going digital!   

If ever a SeeChange Festival embodied its name, it certainly is this year. First, in response to the flow on impacts of the summer’s bush fires, this year’s festival was changed to be a smaller and simpler format than recent years. And now, in response to the impacts of COVID-19, there is no longer a physical festival at all and SeeChange 2020 is going digital!

Jervis Bay and Basin Arts (JBBArts) is delighted this bold and exciting move is fully supported by Shoalhaven Council.

Expect to be engaged and inspired

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